Math 417  Matrix Algebra I (Section 201)

Instructor Manabu Machida
Office 3836 East Hall
Office hours  TuWeTh 1pm–2pm (and by appointment)

Meeting times  TuWeFr 9am–11am at 1096 EH

Credit Exclusions: No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in MATH 214, 217, 419, or 420.

Prerequisites: Three courses beyond Math 110

Background and Goals:  This course is an introduction to the properties of and operations on matrices with a wide variety of applications. The main emphasis is on concepts and problem-solving, but students are responsible for some of the underlying theory.

Content:  Matrix operations, echelon form, general solutions of systems of linear equations, vector spaces and subspaces, linear independence and bases, linear transformations, determinants, orthogonality, characteristic polynomials, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and similarity theory.

Alternatives:  Math 419 (Linear Spaces and Matrix Theory) is an enriched version of Math 417 with a somewhat more theoretical emphasis. Math 217 (Linear Algebra) is also a more theoretical course which covers much of the material of Math 417 at a deeper level. Math 420 is an Honors version of this course.

Subsequent Courses:  Math 420 is the natural sequel, but this course serves as prerequisite to several courses: MATH 452, 462, 561, and 571.

Linear algebra with applications
by Otto Bretscher
Pearson Education 5th ed.  (ISBN: 9780321796974)


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Lecture Note:


1:  Fri,Jun27   Gauss-Jordan elimination, Echelon form, Rank  first day handout
2:  Tue,Jul1   Linear transformations
3:  Wed,Jul2   Orthogonal projections  Homework Set 1 Due  (problems)
Fri,Jul4   Independence Day
4:  Tue,Jul8   Inverse
5:  Wed,Jul9   Matrix Project  (handout)
6:  Fri,Jul11   Image and kernel  Homework Set 2 Due  (problems)
7:  Tue,Jul15   Subspaces
8:  Wed,Jul16   Bases
9:  Fri,Jul18   Dimensions  Homework Set 3 Due  (problems)
10:  Tue,Jul22   Orthonormal bases
11:  Wed,Jul23   Gram-Schmidt, Orthogonal matrices
Fri,Jul25   Midterm Exam
12:  Tue,Jul29   Transpose, Least squares
13:  Wed,Jul30   Determinants
14:  Fri,Aug1   Geometrical interpretations of determinants  Homework Set 4 Due  (problems)
15:  Tue,Aug5   Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
16:  Wed,Aug6   Diagonalization
17:  Fri,Aug8   Symmetric matrices  Homework Set 5 Due  (problems)
18:  Tue,Aug12   Miscellaneous stuff
Thu,Aug14   Final Exam

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